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Stool Vieste *EXPO

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Discover the Eichholtz Vieste Stool, where artisan craftsmanship meets natural elegance.

Handwoven in a flat weave design, the pure jute composition exudes a casual sophistication. Its textured fringes elevate this iconic piece, harmoniously blending with any contemporary or rustic living space.


Discover the ecological excellence of our jute items. Jute, sourced from the swift-growing jute plant, boasts a remarkable ecological footprint. With a harvest cycle of under six months, jute requires less land and water compared to conventional fibres. Its cultivation minimally depends on pesticides and fertilizers, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Jute's rapid growth also contributes to efficient carbon absorption, with one hectare absorbing an impressive 15 tons of CO2 within just 100 days. As a fully biodegradable and recyclable material, jute aligns with eco-conscious principles, providing both sustainability and functionality in each meticulously crafted item. Embrace a harmonious blend of nature and innovation with our Jute collection.

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Product Details

General Information:
Natural jute
90% jute | 10% cotton
Max. Load: 100 kg
Indoor use/dry locations only


L. 70 | W. 70 | H. 45 cm

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Stool Vieste *EXPO
Stool Vieste *EXPO
Stool Vieste *EXPO